2018 has come and gone and I wish we could say here’s to 2019, however, until this price of oil goes up substantially and there is some way to transport it to tidewater it’s going to be lean & mean for most of our clients and in all likelyhood there may be a trickle down effect to their suppliers, hopefully by-passing us!! Its all guesswork for now and we will see what transpires going forward to make any adjustments in how we operate.  This may sound  depressing but their are many positives to look back on from 2014 through the end of 2018. Many of you were not with RMV when the current recession from 2014 until now started. RMV has held it’s own since that time and  anticipate carrying this trend into the next decade should all the stars align to do so.  This is a group effort, with all of us contributing to help acheive the Financial, Quality and Safety objectives RMV outlines  each calendar year, and so far so good.  Our COR recertification audit took place the end of September last year and although the protocols had changed we still fared quite well with a score of 97%. 

Congrat’s to everyone!!  The ABSA audits for PSV’s we have annually always seem to be positive so we all must be doing something right.  Remember these programs work well becauseof how you all abide & contribute to them.  We would hope this carries forward going into the future and thanks again to all of you!

“That’s All I Know For Now”

Rick Kerr
Chief Operating Officer
Rocky Mountain Valve Services Ltd.

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